Danville High Ropes Course

The Danville High Ropes Course is made up of four elements including:

Heeby Jeeby/Multi Vine - Our high ropes course has a combined element with a heeby jeeby - which uses hand lines to keep you stable as you balance on a rope. This connects to a multi-vine element which traverses a cable stretched from one platform to the center of the element using the suspended ropes hanging down. 

Island Hop - The island hop element connects platforms with a walking bridge that is missing wooden planks to walk across.

Rope Swing - The rope swing element consists of multiple foot swings spaced two to three feet apart. It really gets challenging as you move from swing to swing.

Dual Zip Line - Danville's Zip Line is the final element of the Danville High Ropes Course and the perfect way to end the high ropes experience. The zip line extends for a 400-foot thrill.

The Danville High Ropes Challenge Course was built in compliance with standards of the Association for Challenge Course Tehcnoloty and is operated by trained staff memebers.

Adventure programs are for ages 8 and up. The weight limit for the zip line is 300 pounds per line; participants must sign a waiver before event. Children under 18 must have form signed by parent or guardian. Call (434) 799-5150 for more information.

The course is open for various programs and is also available for group rentals, birthday parties and reservations.