Advertise on Ball Fields

The City of Danville allows advertising on field fencing to promote local businesses.

Permitted Advertising
Parks and Recreation will accept “permitted Advertising” for display or placement in designated areas.  Permitted Advertising is advertising that:
  • Does not qualify as Excluded Advertising (see below)
  • Generally relates to the economic interests of the advertiser and its audience.
  • Danville Distributing Field, Dan Daniel Memorial Park
  • Goodyear Field, Dan Daniel Memorial Park
General Terms:
  • The advertiser must design and produce their own sign. The City of Danville will install
  • The City of Danville is not responsible for any damage not caused by the City while sign is displayed. Owner will be responsible for sign repair and/or replacement within a 30-day period from notification. All signs damaged or vandalized will be removed within 10 business days and replaced once a new or corrected sign has been provided by the client within the same advertising year.
Sign Materials:
  • Must use .080 aluminum or Max Metal.
  • Each sign must have 3/4-inch pre-drilled holes in each corner for a total of four holes.
  • Eight-foot signs must have an additional two holes (one top center and one bottom center) for a total of six holes.
  • Upon delivery, sign must include all mounting hardware including mounting plates.
  • All fonts must be 3 inches or larger.
  • 3 foot by 4 foot sign = $300 for 12 months (does not include production)
  • 3 foot by 6 foot sign = $450 for 12 months (does not include production)
  • 3 foot by 8 foot  sign = $600 for 12 months (does not include production)

Excluded Advertising

  • The City of Danville Parks and Recreation Department will not accept the following for display, posting or placement on or within its premises:
  • Alcoholic Beverages.  Advertisements and images soliciting or promoting the sale or use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Tobacco Products. Advertisements and images soliciting or promoting the sale or use of tobacco products including, but not limited to cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco.
  • Religious Advertising.  Advertising in which the primary message is one promoting or opposing religion, particular religions, religious issues or religious doctrines.
  • Political and Social Issue Advertising.  Advertising in which the primary message is one promoting or opposing a particular view on political or social issues.

Advertising Restrictions
Advertisements cannot be displayed or maintained if the advertisement or information contained in the advertisement falls within one or more of the following categories:

  • False Misleading, Deceptive or Disrespectful Advertising.  Advertising or any material or information in the advertising that is false, misleading or deceptive, or that is intended to be (or reasonably could be interpreted as being) disparaging, disreputable or disrespectful to persons, groups, businesses or organizations, including advertising that portrays individuals as inferior, evil, or contemptible because of their race , color, creed, sex, pregnancy, age, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, disability, including those related to pregnancy or child birth, gender identity, or gender expression or sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law.
  • Unauthorized Endorsement.  Advertising that implies or declares that the City of Danville endorses a product, service, point-of-view, event or program.  The prohibition against endorsement does not apply to advertising for a service, event or program for which the City of Danville is an official sponsor, co-sponsor or participant, provided Parks and Recreation Director or other designated representative gives prior written approval regarding the endorsement.   
  • Obscene or Offensive Material.  Advertising that contains obscene materials as defined in the Code of Virginia §18.2-372 “Obscene” defined, or that displays sexual conduct or information in a manner that would be offensive to a reasonably prudent person of average sensitivity in the community.
  • Unlawful Goods or Services.  Advertising or any material or information in the advertising that depicts, promotes, or reasonably appears to encourage the use or possession of unlawful or illegal goods or services.
  • Unlawful Conduct.  Advertising or any material or information in the advertising that: depicts, promotes, or reasonably appears to encourage unlawful or illegal behavior or conduct, including unlawful behavior of a violent or antisocial nature; is libelous or an infringement of copyright; is otherwise unlawful or illegal; or is likely to subject the City of Danville to liability.
  • Adult Entertainment.  Advertising that promotes or displays images associated with adult book stores, adult video stores, nude dance clubs and other adult entertainment establishments, adult telephone services, adult internet sites and escort services.
  • Graffiti.  Advertising that uses images or symbols that depict or represent graffiti
  • Illegal Firearms and Weapons.  Advertising that contains images or depictions of illegal firearms or any firearms, or the unlawful use of firearms or other weapons.
  • Internet Addresses and Telephone Numbers.  Advertising that directs viewers to internet addresses or telephone numbers that contain materials, images or information that would violate these advertising standards if the materials, images or information were contained in advertising displayed or posted on above mentioned properties.  
  • Distractions and Interference.  Advertising that incorporates or displays any rotating, revolving , or flashing devices or other moving parts or any word, phrase, symbol or character, any of which are likely to interfere with, mislead or distract activities being held on athletic fields.  
Reservation of Rights
The City of Danville reserves the right to amend these policies and standards at any time.  Subject to any contractual obligations, The City of Danville reserves the right to discontinue advertising on athletic field fences and discontinue accepting advertising for display or posting.  The City of Danville reserves the right to limit the availability of advertising space at its athletic facilities and remove advertising that does not comply with these advertising policies and standards and, subject to any contractual obligations.

Reviews and Appeals
  • Danville Parks and Recreation Department Director will make initial decisions about accepting or rejecting advertising.  The decisions will be based on these policies and standards.  The Director or assigned designee will work with the vendor and advertisers to resolve issues about advertisements that do not comply with these policies and procedures.  Resolution may include modification of the art, copy, size and/or placement.
  • An advertiser may appeal a decision to reject or remove an advertisement by filing a written request with the Department Director within ten (10) business days after the rejection or removal decision.  The advertiser’s request must state why the advertiser disagrees with the decision in light of Parks and Recreation advertising policies and standards.  The Department Director may consult with the City’s legal counsel.  The Director will review the basis for the rejected or removed advertisement and will consider the advertiser’s reasons for filing the request.  The Department Director will make a decision on the request and will notify the vendor and advertiser of its decision in writing within fifteen business days after receiving the advertiser’s request.
  • Further Review by City Manager.  The City Manager may review the Parks and Recreation Department Director’s decisions.
The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted, and to waive any informality in the proposals. The right is also reserved to award the contract where it appears to be in the best interest of the City of Danville.

Ball Field Advertising Application